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The UK's 10 Youngest Towns by Population

The 10 Youngest Towns in the UK by Population

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Last week we brought to you the 10 UK towns with the oldest populations. Now we’re bringing you the UK’s 10 youngest towns by population. As with our last post, all data here is comes from the Office for National Statistics. The data here corresponds to geographical areas known as LSOAs (lower layer super output areas).

10. Haringey 029C – 19.8 Average Age

Overall Haringey covers more than 11 square miles, the London Borough of Haringey hosts some famous London landmarks including Alexandra Palace, Bruce Castle, Jacksons Lane, Highpoint I and II as well as Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. There are some deep contrasts within the borough. Areas like Highgate, Muswell Hill and Crouch End are deeply affluent while others are classified as being some of the most deprived in the country.

9. East Northamptonshire 002E – 19.6 Average Age

Bordering the city of Peterborough, the district of East Northamptonshire has a population of roughly 87,000. With market towns and quaint villages, this area offers a mix or rural and urban culture.

8. Harrow 029D – 19.6 Average Age

Sitting on the outskirts of Northwest London, Harrow is a large culturally diverse suburban town. The borough offers a mixture of contemporary and historic sites with a high proportion of Georgian architecture. This self-contained urban town was initially a borough of Middlesex before being included in the Greater London region in 1965.

7. West Dorset 001E – 19.5 Average Age

West Dorset is a place of contrasts. Renowned for its elderly population, the LSOA 001E goes against the wider regional trends with an average age of only 19.5. There’s no denying the rural and tranquil feel of the wider area with its deep rooted heritage and rolling countryside.

6. West Berkshire 011C – 18.6 Average Age

West Berkshire sits between Bristol and London. It has the 21st largest economy in England. Low unemployment and high wages have led the economy to boom. Technology and finance jobs are plentiful in the district.

5. Rutland 005D – 18.6 Average Age

Rutland is the fourth smallest historic county in the UK. It’s home to a large artificial reservoir and plenty of important nature reserves. Rutland is a destination of escape for many city dwellers. Its rural guise and convenient transport routes make it a popular destination to visit. The intimacy of the county is clear to see in its attractive villages and charming market towns.

4. Horsham 008E – 18.4 Average Age

Horsham’s a historic market town in West Sussex. The area was renowned in medieval times for its horse trading, iron and brick making as well as its brewing. Horsham actually holds the UK record for the heaviest hailstorm ever.

3. Bracknell Forest 012D – 18.2 Average Age

Bracknell Forest is a unitary authority in Berkshire covering Bracknell, Sandhurst and Crowthorne. The area is mainly wealthy with unemployment rates far lower than the national average. Property prices are far higher than average.

2. Salford 016E – 17.4 Average Age

Neighbouring Manchester, Salford offers an exciting and vibrant culture with deep sport and art heritage. The area has working class routes with close historic links to the Industrial Revolution. For many years the district’s economy was dependent on manufacturing for the textile and engineering industries though today unemployment is a growing issue.

1. Bury 026E – 17.2 Average Age

Coming in top spot is Bury, Manchester with an average age of just 17.2. This area has a highly diverse population and culture. The Guardian has reported that classes at local primary schools are filled to their 35 child limit.

So now you’ve read about the areas in the UK with the youngest population, now it’s time to find out about the oldest. If you’re looking to move, find out more about your local area with a Property Detective report. Just enter your postcode and we’ll tell you all about the local schools, amenities, travel information, demographics, crime rates and much more.

The 10 oldest towns in the UK by Population - picture of elderly residents of Eastbourne

The 10 Oldest Towns in the UK by Population

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Packing up your bags and moving away for retirement? We’ve got just the thing. Here’s a definitive list of the UK’s oldest towns by population. All data here comes from the Office for National Statistics.

Oh, We Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside

There’s a noticeable trend in the UK’s population age. The elderly seem to be drawn to the seaside. Is it the salty sea air’s life-giving qualities or simply the desire to retire somewhere peaceful? We’re unsure just yet, though the latter is possibly more accurate. Whatever the cause may be, here are the ten UK towns with the oldest populations. The data looked at LSOA (lower layer super output area) geographical areas so there are some repetitions in our list.

10. Wealden 018A – 67.2 Average Age

This rural East Sussex district is a picturesque 323 square miles characterised by fields, ancient woodland and welcoming villages. Hugging the South Coast, this area offers a pastoral feel set to the backdrop of rolling British countryside.

9. South Lakeland 013D – 67.9 Average Age

It’s no surprise South Lakeland features on this list. Firmly rooted in the Lake District, the area is renowned for its natural beauty and unique culture. Quaint villages and an active community are big draws of this Cumbrian region.

8. East Dorset 011A – 68 Average Age

There’s been a boom in East Dorset’s popularity in recent years. Rapid expansions in housing has seen the population quadruple since the 1970s. This is due to its desirable location, sitting close to the New Forest, Bournemouth and the Dorset coast. Despite this, much of the area still retains its rural identity.

7. Christchurch 003B – 68.3 Average Age

Christchurch stole news headlines back in 2014 with the UK’s oldest average population, today it’s dropped a few places down to 7. The town still can’t quite shake its reputation for being ‘the town that’s glad to be grey’. Covering 19.5 square miles, the coastal Dorset town is one of the UK’s most popular retirement destinations.

6. Poole 018B – 68.8 Average Age

Another Dorset town gleefully takes its place in our top 10 list. The large coastal town and seaport is very much a tourist destination with the natural harbour, arts centre and Blue Flag beaches being key attractions. The RNLI headquarters, Royal Marines base and University lend the town a vibrant culture.

5. Christchurch 003A – 68.9 Average Age


4. East Devon 020B – 69.1 Average Age

Renowned for its beaches East Devon is an area for relaxation and comfort. The coastline has recently been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its high number of prehistoric remains. Sloping valleys, idyllic villages and diverse wildlife are all key attractions of the region.

3. East Devon 012B – 69.1 Average Age


2. King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 017D – 69.7 Average Age

Stooped in history with a vibrant culture, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk offers a natural and untouched allure. Whether you find yourself in the town itself or one of its many surrounding parishes, you’ll notice the relaxed pace of its residents.

1. Eastbourne 012B – 71.5 Average Age

Move to Eastbourne for a simple, fuss-free lifestyle. With the UK’s highest average population age of 71.5 years, this is a place to kick back and watch the world go by. Why not stroll towards the croquet club for some afternoon entertainment before soaking up the sun at the famous pier. Situated on the South Coast, Eastbourne is surrounded by Wealden which comes in tenth on our list, proving that it really is a haven for the older generations.

So there it is, the country’s ten oldest towns. If you’re looking to move, find out more about your local area with a Property Detective report. Simply enter your post code and we’ll tell you all about the local schools, amenities, travel information, neighbourhood demographics, crime rates, noise pollution and much, much more.