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The Best Property Apps, Tools & Sites for Moving Home

The Best Property Apps, Tools & Sites for Moving Home

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So you’re moving home? It’s one of the most stressful times in your life. Thankfully, a few savvy developers have put their heads together to alleviate your stress throughout the process. Here are some of the best property apps, tools and sites for moving home.

Finding a Property


Let’s start with the most obvious. Zoopla offers one of the most comprehensive property search platforms available. You can find, advertise and manage the search process on the move and with seamless ease. There’s really no excuse not to have this app when home hunting.


It’s a no-brainer! Another one of the country’s most popular property listing sites. Rightmove features over 49,000 properties for sale and rent across the UK. With easily customisable search options and a huge database, this is another must-have.


Again, another must-have search and listings app. Search over 1 million properties for sale or rent. Over 18 million house prices dating back to 1995 and clever filter options letting you segregate results by keywords, location, prices, beds and date listed.


Whether you’re a homeowner seeking a lodger or fancy living in a shared house yourself, SpareRoom is vital. The app is the leading option for shared living.


A lot of people move to be closer to where they work. Normal property location searches won’t show you how long your commute will take from your preferred destination. Mapumental lists properties by travel time as opposed to distance.


Think Tinder but for houses. You can filter properties by buying method and the app will show you homes closes to you. You can swipe to indicate whether you like or dislike a specific property. House hunting just got fun!

Find A Hood

Find A Hood is a great tool for helping you find the best place to live based on your circumstances and what’s important to you. Simply fill out

Managing Your Money

Mortgage Calculator

This handy, free mortgage calculator will help you quickly check monthly payments, locate the best mortgage rates available for various mortgage types.


This award-winning online mortgage broker is Prop Tech at its finest. Trussle uses an algorithm to search through more than 11,000 deals from 90 different lenders, finding the best one for your situation. You can get a mortgage agreement in principle within minutes, and an advisor will be in touch to talk you through the best deals.


This digital mortgage adviser uses artificial intelligence to provide customers with mortgage advice via a chatbot. The tech looks at your financial life (employment, life plans, etc.) and explains how these factors will affect your ideal mortgage choice.

Mortgage Assistant

This app is designed by reputable independent mortgage broker London & Country. It’s designed to help you look up the latest best-buy products, calculators, affordability checks and helpful articles.


UKMortgages helps you to compare a range of mortgage providers at the touch of a button. Quotes are regularly updates so you’ll always see relevant deals. This app also includes calculators to help you find the ideal mortgage for your property.


Moving Cost Calculator – Reallymoving.com

One of our favourite sites for clear price comparison of conveyancing, surveys and removals, now has a handy little tool for moving costs. Work out your moving costs including your EPC, conveyancing, surveys, removals and Stamp Duty.


When you’re moving home, it can feel like you’ve got lists coming out of your ears. Keep them all in one handy place with inSured. The app allows you to create a full inventory of your property.

TIM Property Inventory

This is another high quality app that helps you create a home inventory for moving. You can record all your household items and categorise them by rooms.

Moving Planner

This app is the ultimate checklist planner which allows users to create tasks, time frames, to-do lists and schedules. This will also let you make a full inventory of your belongings.

Moving Van

Ever moved house and forgot what belongings are in which box? You’ve now got the stress of going through all your boxes to find the items you need at the other end. Moving Van lets you list what’s packed in what box and which room it should be found in. An ideal app for the organised home mover.

Pro Moving Planner

Need a helping hand getting organised for your move? This app has got your back. Not only is it a powerful checklist tool but this app also lets your schedule your tasks, plan timelines, add expenses and control your budget in real time.


Another handy organisation app with a seamless UX, Sortly is ideal for categorising and planning your packing/unpacking. Images, tags and notes can all be added making the process simple and painless.

Design & Maintenance


Does your new home need a bit of work? Plentific offers an online platform connecting approved professional tradesmen with relevant jobs up and down the country. The simple, quick process is guaranteed to save a headache or two.

Bubble Level

Can’t find a spirit level? Get out your phone and use Bubble Level. This is a handy, reliable tool that’ll help you complete any DIY work in a professional way. Bubble Level comes with spirit level, surface level, plumb line, inclinometer and metal detector tools included.

Dulux Visualizer

Through the clever use of augmented reality, the Dulux Visualizer app allows you to see what your rooms would look like with an Dulux paint colour on the walls. This allows you to experiment without risk.

Landlord Assistance

The Landlord App

This is a comprehensive range of features to help landlords manage their businesses effectively. From finding new tenants, to scheduling utility bill payments – this app has it all.


If you find admin a nightmare, this app will help. It allows you to keep track of all your most important documents. Scanbot uses the phone’s camera to create high quality JPED of PDF copies of documents in seconds.

Ask A Lawyer

Not sure on the legalities of a specific issue? Ask a Lawyer has the answer. This completely free app allows landlords to ask questions about their business to legally qualified professionals.

Kaptur Inventory Pro

Made by property inventory experts for busy property professionals. Kaptur offers an efficient way of collecting, preparing, reporting and managing inventory information. This massively drives down the chances of deposit disputes.

For more apps to help landlords, check out this definitive guide from No Letting Go.

Before You Move – A Property Detective Report

You need to know what type of neighbourhood you’re moving into. What are the amenities? What are the local schools like? With a Property Detective report, you can find out everything from crime rates to noise pollution levels to flight paths and much more. Enter your postcode and get your Property Detective report today.

The Place of Virtual Reality in Property

The Place of Virtual Reality in Property

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Technology is soon to revolutionise the property industry in a way that had not previously been foreseen. As innovations in the field of virtual reality advance, so does the possibility for cross-over industry use. In the not too distant future, you may be viewing a prospective property via the use of a strapped on head mounted display (HMD). This not only makes the viewing process far more convenient, it also holds far more potential benefits.

Take a Virtual Reality Tour

Viewing a prospective property can be a strain. You take time out of your busy schedule to attend a viewing, just to find within a few seconds that the place isn’t for you. Then you have to start the whole process again. In the future, this hassle will be entirely removed by the use of Virtual Reality headsets. When you become interested in a house or flat all you need to do is use a HMD to take a tour of the location. If you want a second opinion, pass the device to your friend, spouse or family. If you don’t like the property, you can instantly exit the viewing.

Some people have been concerned about how effective a virtual tour will be. This isn’t unusual with new and disruptive technologies. The virtual tour won’t look like a computer game nor will it feature low resolution images. Many high quality pictures will be taken of the interior of a property using a 360-degree camera. When viewing the house or flat, you’ll be able to move around using head and eye movements.

Interior Design and Virtual Landscaping

Today, when viewing a property, it can be difficult to imagine exactly what the place will look like with your own personal touch. Garish décor, eccentric ornaments and general poor housekeeping can get in the way of your imagined dream home. It has been predicted that in the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to use VR glasses to redecorate your home before you’ve even bought the property. Imagine this as a grown-up, more sophisticated version of The Sims. Using this software, you’ll be able to completely wipe the slate clean and remodel the appearance of the property. This software is not only useful for the interior, why not turn your hand to some virtual landscaping? Using the tech, you can speak directly to builders, gardeners, architects or designers to assist in your designs. Add a virtual kitchen, see what a conservatory extension would look like, try different water features in the garden. The possibilities for this are endless.

Is This for Everyone?

There are many people who this technology would not be suitable for. For instance, those looking for high end properties would not necessarily be content to simply strap on a headset before signing along the dotted line. People of an older generation may take to the technology slower than others whereas some may still wish to view a property in person. Whatever the future holds for Virtual Reality in property, it presents a very simple solution to those who are constricted by time and distance.

Boosting Sales for New Developments

This technology also has the potential to assist developers of complexes to sell houses or apartments before they’ve even been built. At the current time, buyers have to put faith in pre-designed pictures and occasionally a show-flat which often look unlike the finished piece. Using VR tech, designers can put together a simple yet immersive tour of what each individual room will actually look like. This is sure to boost trust and ultimately boost sales.

What Does Virtual Reality Technology Look Like Now?

This tech is not as far off as you may think. Virtual Reality headsets are already being used for tours albeit in small numbers and at a basic level. The current use of this tech has already increased the number of viewings per person which in turn has enabled the buyer to find the perfect home easier. We have very high hopes for further developments of this in the property sector.

Are you looking to buy, sell or rent a property? Do you want to know more about your local area? Find out everything you need to know including crime rates, schools, amenities, noise pollution, flight paths and much more with a Property Detective Report. Get yours here.