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Property Detective Continues Work With Independent Estate Agents

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Property Detective, is pleased to announce another collaboration with an innovative and professional estate agency located in several boroughs throughout London, Elliot Lee Estate Agents.

Elliot Lee’s team members are recognized for their professional work and tireless efforts for both their clients and in support of the local community. Property Detective is pioneering the effort to increase transparency in the home buying process, through their detailed reports which are packaged with information including schools, nurseries, demographics, local amenities, crime rates, travel connections and much more.

“We are thrilled to enhance Elliot Lee’s client offering. We know they are a pioneering team with a focus on core values while using innovative methods to provide the best service to their clients,” says Barry Bridges, Founder of PropertyDetective.com.

“We are delighted they see our local area reports as a valuable asset to their professional services,” adds Bridges.

Teaming up with Elliot Lee increases Property Detective’s reach by giving Elliot Lee’s customers access to the in-depth report.


New research from Which? suggests 1 in 10 buyers fail to conduct even the most basic research on their next home purchase

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It’s an annual press release that we look forward to with relish – and this year Which? has surpassed itself once again with a phenomenal piece of research that has found 1 in 10 homebuyers fail to do any research on the new home they eventually end up buying.

Viewing a Property Before Purchase

For context, 11% of buyers never actually view the property they buy, which seems like an appalling admission of utter incompetence, cavalier behaviour and total disregard for risk…on their part.

5% have never actually viewed the property they ended up buying whatsoever (e.g. investors), which seems even more bizarre. Clearly some people have a lot more money than sense.

The Value of Property Research Shouldn’t be Underrated

All of this points clearly to the need to do the most basic checks, particular in light of other research showing just how much money homeowners lose when things go wrong. Even if it’s just a Property Detective report, there’s a clear need to satisfy yourself that the dream home you’re thinking of buying is everything it purports to be.




Are we a nation of careless homebuyers?

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Sleepwalking…drifting…aimlessly ambling…call it what you will, but it’s time for us to nail our colours firmly to the mast:

Britain is a nation of careless homebuyers.

After our recent graphic that illustrates just how little time we spend researching a new home purchase, here are five great reasons why we need to up our game and do better at property due-diligence:

1) 1 in 4 buyers lose more than £2,500 because of issues they failed to pick up during viewings

Research from Which? and RICS (the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) in 2010 found that 1 in 4 homebuyers lost more than £2,500 because of simply issues they failed to pick up on during viewings, which they then had to remedy themselves after moving in.

2) 1 in 10 home buyers lose more than £10,000

Ergo the above, 1 in 10 lost more than £10k when buying a property. The mind really boggles.

3) The average property viewing lasts just 15 minutes

Of course, most people tend to get a ‘gut feeling’ just on arrival at a property, but 15 minutes to adequately evaluate the potential of a property as a prospective new home just isn’t enough.

4) The average homebuyer views a property just 3 times in total before completion

Three viewings before you buy the single most valuable thing you’re ever likely to own in your lifetime? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to visit a few more times than that?

5) It’s a messed-up transaction

Think about it: can you think of any other retail-based transaction where – for the person who is serving you – YOU are not THEIR customer? Forget duties of care…buyers are on their own, buddy (though thankfully we’re on hand to help you out).



Shocking statistics about the property research process

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In case you missed it first time round, it’s well worth repeating: the average UK home-mover – on a £ per minute basis – spends 21,000% more time researching an eBay purchase than they do their next prospective home.

This shocking revelation comes in spite of the enormous financial stakes in play when considering a home-move; the average UK property price reaching 6 figures, compared the double digits of an eBay buy.

At Property Detective, we want to try and change the way people think about property research. With the average viewing lasting just 15 minutes, isn’t it any wonder that bad decisions get made?



What's it like to live on Bray Road in Guildford?

What’s Bray Road (Guildford) like to live in?

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Continuing our investigations into local streets near you we have selected Bray Road in Guildford, and we will be taking a closer look at what it might be like to live there. Drawing on the information that’s provided within a Property Detective report, what follows is just a few examples of the insight we can provide on your location. If you’re interested in living here or finding the facts about a place you’re investigating, then it’s worth subscribing to propertydetective.com to get your research started.

Where is Bray Road?

Not far from the centre of Guildford in Surrey.

In a nutshell

A straight, residential road which ends behind Farnham Road hospital. Mostly semi-detached houses with a mixture of on and off-street parking.

Who lives in Bray Road?

This is a desirable area to live that’s popular with families. The average household is a white British family earning about £39k and working in the Property, Retail or Manufacturing sectors. This area is staunchly conservative with MP Anne Milton retaining her seat for a third term, with an increased majority, in the recent elections.

Who lives in Bray Road Guildford

What are the schools like for people living in Bray Road?

The availability of well-rated local Primary Schools is pretty good, however only one is within (what we think is) a reasonable walking distance, the others are 5-10minutes drive away. There are two very well rated SEN schools a short drive away.

What are the schools like near Bray Road

It’s a similar story for Secondary schools – plenty of options locally but only if you’re will to drive or take the bus. The Guildford County School is the only one on the doorstep, it’s rated ‘Good’ by OFSTED and is about 4 minutes walk away.
There are several options for mixed or single sex Private schools within 5 and 20 minutes drive from Bray Road. The closest of which is the boys Royal Grammar School under 5 minutes drive away.

Is Bray Road safe?

The statistics show that the neighbourhood around Bray Road suffers from a higher than average crime rate. Anti-social behaviour in particular seems far above the national and regional averages. It’s possible that these figures are due to some isolated crime hot spots within the local area or a low tolerance/high reporting approach taken locally, but the best way to investigate is on the local police site and to visit the area for yourself.

What's the crime rate like in Bray Road - Guildford?

Any potential problems I should be aware of?

There are a few busy roads nearby – such as the A3 and A31 which (depending on the wind direction) you will probably hear when you’re out in the garden. There are also a few smaller airfields a few miles from Bray Road so you may hear the occasional buzz of a plane overhead.

What are the local amenities like nearby to Bray Road?

You have several choices for a weekly shop with Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Tesco’s all within 10 minutes drive. If you’re willing to go a bit further afield there’s a Morrison’s 5 miles away. For just a quick fix there’s a convenience store at the end of the road and if you’re taking a stroll on a Saturday there’s a few delis and bakeries just across the railway line near the town centre.

Grocery shopping near Bray Road, Guildford

Guildford has all the amenities that you will need in your local community, and in Bray road you’d be well located for both the town centre and the university or hospital which are towards the town outskirts.

What’s Bray Road like for travel and commuting?

Yes it is. The main train station is less than 10 minutes walk away, Heathrow airport is about 40 minutes drive and the M25 within easy reach for when you’re travelling around the country. If you were working in Guildford city centre, you could commute in about 20 minutes by bus, or for commuting into London you would need 1.5hrs to be safe.

Our view

Bray Road ticks a lot of boxes if you’re looking for an out-of-London location with good travel links and plenty to do in the local area. If there are weaknesses, we would say both crime rates and schools options could be better (compared to the rest of the country) however this area is popular with families and you can see why – it’s well catered for in terms of amenities and has the Surrey Hills and other areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty right on the doorstep.

If you’re moving home why not research the local area of any property in England and Wales here?

If you’re a property proffesional, you can find out more on becoming one of our postcode partners here


At a glance…Aldershot

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Thinking about moving to Aldershot? Before you make up your mind we’d recommend upgrading to a full Property Detective report, but if you can’t wait, here’s a brief snapshot of the area, based on our findings.


On the whole, very good. A few outstanding options at both primary and secondary level (including St Joseph’s school and All Hallows Catholic school), with plenty of private schools to choose from nearby as well.


A safe area, with fewer crimes than the national average; locally, even, it’s a low crime place.


You’re unlikely to be affected by much in Aldershot, though the proximity to a number of airfields including Farnborough might mean the occasional loud noise as a military aircraft flies overhead from time to time. Aldershot is home to several regiments of the army, so you might expect an increased military presence in town.


Staunchly Conservative, with 50.6% of the total vote. Next up is Labour, followed by UKIP. This used to be a strong area for the Lib Dems, up until the 2015 election relegated them to 4th place.

House prices

Slightly above the national average, but slightly below the average for the South-East; average asking prices in this area are £328,000.