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Primary School Offer Day is here: what you need to know

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Today is Primary Places offer day for much of the UK, meaning across the countries anxious parents will be waking up to discover which primary school their children have been allocated, following months of extensive research and crossed fingers.

Of course, it’s not really like that. Our own research indicates that many people fail to conduct the important investigations they ought to into school admissions data, instead preferring to apply based on recommendations and proximity. Each to their own.

What’s certain though, is that nothing has such a big influence on our property market as schools. We all know that an Outstanding local school can add as much as 8% onto the value of property, not to mention contributing to the improved long-term perception of a neighbourhood as a ‘great place for schools’. For many parents it’s a source of stress, confusion and – at times – anger, as what essentially becomes a grand lottery of location finally gets round to drawing the numbers.

At Property Detective we have always believed that it’s vital everyone – not just parents – investigates local schools before purchasing a property. Which is why we provide such a comprehensive level of insight into all local schools….primary, infants, junior, secondary, SEN, grammar and independent. In fact, we don’t know anyone who offers the level of insight that we do, for the price we do (for free).

Today we’re thinking of those going through the school applications process, and those who are thinking about starting the complicated process of appealing a decision.

How did you get on? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to check what we say about local schools in your area by entering your postcode at Property Detective.



Tomorrow is Primary Schools Offer Day

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A quick post to wish parents with young children good luck when it comes to school offers day tomorrow. Up and down the countries many hundreds of thousands of families will be waiting on tenterhooks for emails and letters to arrive, letting them know whether they got their first choice or school – and where their offspring will be ending up.

We’ll be all over twitter tomorrow discussing this, so if you want to share your thoughts, tweet us!