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Announcing the launch of Postcode Partners; our new partnership programme for estate agents, surveyors and conveyancing solicitors

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For over three years, Property Detective has led the way when it comes to providing consumers with intelligent, independent opinion about the properties, streets and neighbourhoods that home-movers might be thinking of relocating to.

Over time, we’ve learnt that today’s homebuyers and renters are savvy, smart and in dire need of useful, trustworthy, reliable local area information, that gives them the complete picture not only before they even arrange a first viewing, but throughout the conveyancing transaction, all the way through to completion.

Which is why we’ve worked so hard to develop our reports to the highest standard. We’re not only an officially accredited affiliate member of COPSO (the Council of Property Search Organisations) but also our reports are fully compliant with the Property Search Code. All of which means our reports are as robust and useful as any of the official or discretionary searches your solicitor might give you during the formal conveyancing process of ‘buying a house’.

Now though, we’re incredibly excited to announce the next phase for Property Detective: a nationwide launch of our Postcode Partners scheme, aimed specifically at Estate Agents, Solicitors, Surveyors and other property professionals.


How it works is pretty straightforward.

England is divided up into around 2,480 postcode districts: that is, the first bit of the post plus the next number (like NW11 3, or RH8 9).

We’re looking for one Estate Agent, one Solicitor and one Surveyor in each location across the UK, to act as the exclusive distributor for Property Detective reports in their area. You’ll be the only reseller of our reports across your patch of the country, which we estimate will be an average of 9 postcode districts.

What you’ll get is the ability to embed our report functionality on your website, so that your users can see some of the information we hold. But for any referrals through to propertydetective.com that subsequently subscribe or purchase a report, we’ll split the revenue down the middle.


So, we believe that it’s a very cost-effective way to gain a Unique Selling Point over your competitors, by being the only agent, surveyor or solicitor in your town or high street to offer Property Detective reports at a formal level. Not only that, but with the right approach to marketing, we expect the partnership to be profitable for you on an ongoing basis.

We already know that our reports are incredibly useful: a 2013 survey of homebuyers found that our reports were consistently rated as the single most useful document throughout the entire home buying process. Not only that, but registered users spend on average more than 40 minutes viewing or reading our reports online, meaning it’s incredibly engaging content that could be either winning you new instructions, adding value to your existing customers, or retaining revenue from leads that subsequently go elsewhere for their business.


At this stage, we’re carefully selecting people to be a part of the Postcode Partners scheme and will be approaching relevant parties throughout the next six months. But if it sounds like something you’d like to be considered for, you can always drop us an email at beapartner@propertydetective.com.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on the blog, particularly in relation to our Property Detective Professional portal which will be launching in early June.


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