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In the news: £1,193 a square foot – a nice place if you can afford it (£100M, that is)

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The Daily Mail is reporting that Prince Abdul Aziz bin Fahd is trying to sell his property in Kensington Palace Gardens for a modest £100 million, subject to potential buyers signing confidentiality agreements…

Crime statistics: street or postcode?

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One of the more common questions we get asked by our users is how we make sense of crime figures for any given location in England or Wales. This brief post aims to explain the process we use…


In the news: Criminal paint schemes

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Sad news this morning for Devon resident Ann Kennedy, who has been ordered by Teignbridge District Council to repaint her bright pink cottage a…

Understanding crime stats

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It might not surprise you to learn that one of the key drivers for traffic to Property Detective is the appetite people have to learn about crime figures for where they live, or where they are thinking of moving to…


Property Detective: Fresh updates and a new-look homepage!

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After many weeks of hard work, we’ve just released some major changes to the way that Property Detective works…

In the news: Vince Cable warns that the Help-to-Buy scheme could create a new housing bubble

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Various media outlets are seizing on comments made by the Business Secretary, Vince Cable, that the Government’s flagship Help-to-Buy scheme might actually create a housing bubble…