Enjoy a day or night out in any weather!

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Property Detective reports are chock full of Things to Do on a day or night out! We’ve recently accepted the challenge to dive into the data around Hull High Street in order to see if we could find something to do throughout the year and in any weather. Keep reading to see a way to enjoy a day in the pretty Yorkshire town of Hull.

Enjoy a day in Hull in any weather  

Nothing can put a damper on a day meant to be spent outside quite like a heavy rain. Lucky for Hull residents there are a variety of things to be done in any weather.

Property Detective highlights some of the fun things to do on a day out, even if there’s a storm brewing.

We provide local area information based on a street address. One of our sections includes things to do on a day out for family fun, culture vultures, or those that enjoy the great outdoors.

Using the postcode of Hull High Street, we identified several family friendly options of things to do within 15-minute drive of town centre. The perfect tool to use whether you’re moving into the neighbourhood, travelling to the area or simply looking for something new to do with your family.

Here’s the forecast for how to spend a day of play in Hull:

Sunny & Hot – A picnic at West Park

West Park is known for its lovely open spaces which makes it a prime spot for a lovely picnic when the sun is shining. There are also several wildlife aviaries to explore if you find yourself in need of some shade. As an extra bonus if it’s very hot you can cool off in one of the nearby paddling pools as well.

Warm, but partly cloudy – A stroll through Queens Gardens 

Queens Gardens situated within easy access to the Hull Maritime Museum offers a lovely avenue to stroll along while admiring beautiful gardens and fountains. Be sure to check on the day to see if it’s currently hosting any special event or performance.

Yet another rainy day – Dive into The Deep 

The Deep is a wonderful option if you prefer to stay out of the rain, but don’t mind the water. This aquarium is packed with all the sea creatures a child or adult might want to see. Plan for a rainy day on Thursday, Friday or Saturday and enjoy eating at their restaurant with a ‘sea view’.

Cold and snowy – Lace up your skates at Hull Ice Arena 

Hull Ice Arena is the perfect place to embrace the cold and snow instead of fighting it. Try the disco skate on Friday and Saturdays. Or get the whole family on the ice for less than 20 quid. The Venue Hull Café is a great place to stop in for a hot cup of tea afterwards or for a warm up before.

If you’d like to see the things to do from your address pop in your postcode at PropertyDetective.com.

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